Roses for My Love, finally finished the painting

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(Updated 5/15/2020)

I finally finished the Roses for my Love oil painting.   The final painting is shown above as the featured image.  Minor changes were made to the flowers and added the stems and leaves to complete the work!  I hope you  like the painting as much as I did doing it.

I started with choosing three different roses from my reference photos and came up with the composition and transferred the sketch to a 20×24 inch canvas.  Next, came filling in the sketch with the colors and doing some blending even in the block in, ie. first layer.  Let dry, and then added a vibrant lit background showering light on the roses.  No reference photo for that.  Let dry, and come back and added layers of color to the roses correcting shapes and colors.


Pink Orchid, an original painting by Jimmie

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Pink Orchid painting
Pink Orchid painting

I have always wanted to paint orchids but never got around to it until now.  This one is a study in oils on an 8 by 10 inch canvas of a single orchid to familiarize me with the anatomy of the flower before planning a larger painting.  I will post it for sale after I get a better photo taken in natural light.  The weather has been overcast here. 

Black Burnian Warbler, original painting

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This little bird, a beautiful Black Burnian Warbler, visited our bird bath a few years ago.  I was so fortunate to get a snapshot of this little guy as this species does not frequent this far south into the coastal Texas region.  I wanted to paint the bird at the time, but finally got it on canvas today.   The painting, done in acrylics, will be finished soon and posted for sale on our website.




Blue Heron in the Bush original painting

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Blue Heron in the Bush is an original acrylic painting on a 18 inch by 24 inch gallery wrapped canvas.

The painting is of a live scene in the marshy area near Palacios, Texas.  I was lucky to get a picture taken of the heron before it flew off the branch it was sitting on, partly because the bird had to turn completely around to be able to fly out of the bush it was in.  And, the painting displays the bird in a crouched position getting ready for take off.  Herons and Egrets are numerous in the Texas Coastal area and this little slough is one of our favorite spots to photograph them.

The painting was created with acrylic paints using palette knifes for tree texture and brushes for the bird and grasses.  Blue Heron in the Bush will look great in your home or business.

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse Original Painting

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There are a lot of paintings of the historic Cape Hatteras Lighthouse and yes, here is another one for you to choose from.

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The original has SOLD.  7/15/19

The ‘Cape Hatteras Lighthouse’ is an original fine art painting in acrylics on a 24 by 12 inch gallery canvas by Jimmie Bartlett.  This is the first of the four lighthouses we visited on the outer banks of North Carolina.  Each has it’s own artistic nature of which I am attempting to capture on canvas from the photos I took of them.  The Hatteras Lighthouse is the tallest of the out banks lights and has the unique black and white spiral stripes painted on it.  I chose to paint this one on vertical canvas and the size is perfect for hanging in those wall spaces needing something special.  I am working on the other three lighthouses and hope to have them done by the end of the summer.

There are a lot of paintings of the historic Cape Hatteras Lighthouse and yes, here is another one for you to choose from.  I hope you will consider this nautical painting, capturing a bit of history, to hang on your wall.

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