Sunrise Over Matagorda Bay

Sunrise Over Matagorda Bay is an original oil painting 24 inches by 48 inches

(Note that there are no man made objects in the painting!)

I finally got a good picture of my newest painting today and I changed the name to Sunrise Over Matagorda Bay.  I changed the name because during the painting sessions, I was thinking back to the many fishing trips my friends and I had on Matagorda Bay.  When out on the water, with the sun breaking through the darkness, one cannot help but feel the excitement of a new beautiful day being born!

Blessings My Friends,

New Blog, First Post

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I am changing my website to make it easier to share experiences and the journey of my art.  Click on recent posts at right to see all of this post.  This site is still being built and  I will elaborate more in future posts, but will show couple of pics here, just for fun and for the folks that already recognize my work. My paintings and my wife’s Jewelry art are for sale on our eshop website: Thankyou for checking out my new blog location.  Please bookmark, as more of my work is ready to be blogged about. 


Jimmie Bartlett

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