Painting My Great Grandson

I completed the painting of my Great Grandson Rhett in oils on a 14×11 inch gallery wrap canvas.  It was a fun painting but did present challenges as does every painting does in our art journey.

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Roses for My Love, finally finished the painting

(Updated 5/15/2020)

I finally finished the Roses for my Love oil painting.   The final painting is shown above as the featured image.  Minor changes were made to the flowers and added the stems and leaves to complete the work!  I hope you  like the painting as much as I did doing it.

I started with choosing three different roses from my reference photos and came up with the composition and transferred the sketch to a 20×24 inch canvas.  Next, came filling in the sketch with the colors and doing some blending even in the block in, ie. first layer.  Let dry, and then added a vibrant lit background showering light on the roses.  No reference photo for that.  Let dry, and come back and added layers of color to the roses correcting shapes and colors.


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