Taking Life Easy 2

This fellow is a great fisherman.  He landed this beautiful Jack Crevelle on light tackle after fighting the fish for a long time.  After a few poses and admiring the catch, he released it back to the ocean.   I observed the release and the Jack scooted out to sea.  Matagorda Beach was very calm with clear water and sky.  An excellent day to fish the surf!

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Taking Life Easy for a Change

Carolyn and I have had a great time on our mini vacation at the Matagorda Nature Park.  It is a great place to camp and take in the sun and beach.  I have taken a lots of pictures of sea birds and boats running down the Colorado River.  Some of the pictures look good enough to run prints from.  I know some will be used for paintings.  We will leave this 

place of paradise tomorrow and go back to work to get ready for the next art show, which will be in Kerrville, Texas next month.  This evening, we will walk the beach!



Jimmie and Carolyn Bartlett


A’s House, a commissioned oil painting

A's House
Original commissioned oil painting


A’s House is my latest commission painting for Terry, a friend I met at an arts and craft show.   The painting was done in oils using a reference photo he gave me to work from.  I painted the scene on a 12 by 16 inch gallery wrapped canvas with the edges painted black.  When the painting dried, I shipped it to Terry in a wooden crate with padding to protect the painting.  He sent me a picture where it is being proudly displayed and an email that made my day!

“Just wanted to let you know we just opened the package and are in awe of your masterpiece. It is just like standing at the old home place of my Mother and Uncles. We had so many good times there and all I have to do is look at your painting and relive all those wonderful memories.  

I am impressed at the care you took to make sure it arrived unharmed.” 


Many Thanks Terry for the wonderful feedback!

Blessings My Friends,


If you are interested in getting your picture turned into a painting, please send me an email for evaluation and I will get back to you promptly.  (I reserve the right to turn down a commission submittal)

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Sandhill Crane Study, acrylic painting

Sandhill Crane Study in Acrylics

I finished a study of this Sandhill Crane today.  It was a nice challenge to place a macro photograph subject with a realistic background which came out of my imagination.  The marsh and pond with reflections worked out fine to push the subject forward.  I want to thank my great photographer friend Gary for allowing me to use his photo for the painting.

The acrylic painting is on an 8 by 10 inch canvas with edges painted black.  The bright red color of the bird’s head in this setting establishes instant attention.  The darker pond added more contrast which required some use of color not in the reference and a small amount of reflected light to the edges of the bill. The reflections in the water is a nice touch for realism.

I hope your like the art work which will be for sale soon in our store https://bartlettpairart.com.

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